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The Lightning Keeper

Tuesday, September 19th, 2006

Starling Lawrence, The Lightning Keeper 2006.

This is a fictional account of the development of the electrical industry in the early twentieth Century. Corporate intrique from Edison to Westinghouse and centering on General Electric and its CEO Charles Albert Coffin.

The Lightning Keeper

Charles A Coffin Charles A. Coffin

The story takes place largely in Northwest Connecticut in an iron factory town. The central characters are the daughter of the current iron master and a Montenegro immigrant inventor who attempts to build a more efficient water wheel turbine. Patents, industrial espionoge, political intrigue, and romance all figure into this well researched work. GE scientist Charles Steinmetz and scientist Nikola Tesla feature.

Steinmetz and Edison Charles Steinmetz and Thomas Edison

Nikola Tesla Nikola Tesla in his Lightning Laboratory

General Electric Men knitting for the war effort.
GE Men knitting for war effort

Good read, it will transport the reader into this unique time and place.

Nikola Tesla