The Volcano Lover – From Sondheim to Sontag – A Day After

  • 1volcanoLover

    Close to midnight I wrote to Alan Sondheim,
    (do you think I should add that she would like to be known
    as a novelist. She seemed to want that recognition, gathering from
    TV interviews – my impression).
    She described how in telling the story she would often find herself
    in tears. She was so moved.

    “Well I think of her as novelist, really liked The Volcano Lover…”
    (via email) Alan Sondheim replied.
    I asked if he wants to add something to my post on Sontag,
    he said ” I want to read her again on illness; I’ll use that in a piece.
    She was incredibly brave in the writing she did about 9/11.

    And there are good minds left, there are always dor vdor, generations after generations…
    (*dor vdor is Hebrew.)