Sontag, Simone Weil and Tsunami

“Sontag and Tsunami” by Rebecca Solnit from Commondreams,
“Sontag has achieved the immortality of people whose work reaches far beyond them in time and space, not one that means death does not matter, only that part of her is still here for us — a truth born out immediately by the way her comments on photography and representation allow us to continue navigating the news and examine the terms in which it is delivered to us.”

A beautiful and moving article by Sontag on Simone Weil Simone Weil , here.

Powerful Lives, an article written by Hugh Dillon focused on
Weil and Orweil.
Simone Weil 1weil
More on Simone Weil, here

More Susan Sontag from Vitro Nasu.