William James – Varieties of Riligious Experiences + Brad Pitt Epilogue

William James, known as an original thinker, was born on Jan. 11, 1842. (Sun, moon, venus, mercury, saturn, jupitar, mars all in capricorn – a sign known for prudence, discipline, ambition, perception, careful & practical).
“Cognizant that the traditional theologies of his day were crumbling under the assault of scientific materialism, he recognized that the search for meaning would necessarily and stubbornly persist. Both scientific and humanistic in his methodology, he avoided reductionism. It was the mystery of the thing that interested William James, the long documentary record, and he chose to treat his subject with ultimate respect as well as honest eyes, aware of both its lunatic shadows and its luminous core. Assuming the stance of neither believer nor skeptic, he chose simply to bear honest witness to the patterns he saw. ” More here, and here.

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