Lost Frog in the Thick of Blog Fog – Basho & Fernando Pessoa

Basho Basho
Basho is said to have become enlightened after hearing a frog jump into a garden pond (from googlism).
Ponder this, the pond may not be the best place to find a competent translation of the Basho’s haiku.
Check out these great minds struggling with the translation here.

Alan Watts liked Plop and Ginsberg liked Kerplunk. Or notice how Edward Seidensticker and Donald Keene compete in their free association with the word “old”, as Seidensticker chose “quiet” and Keene chose “ancient”.

Pessoa 1pessoa

Or take a look at 16 ways to translate Fernando Pessoa’s poem Autopsychography here.
At least it is not about a lost frog. (It is about a poet who fakes, lies, invents and pretends).
<> <> <> Multiple Pessoa here

Frog abducted Frog abducated by Aliens by Aliens

Here is a website seriously looking for a frog, him name is Hopkins.

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