Lou Harrison – Harrison House Retreat

On this day, Feb 2, 2003 Lou Harrison died of heart attack on his way to attend the festival of his music in Ohio State University. “He has been a record salesman, an animal nurse, a journalist, a florist, a forestry firefighter, and dance accompanist. He is a poet, painter, calligrapher, and type face designer in addition to being a composer. He has helped to introduce the Indonesian gamelan to the United States” (an except from here.)
“Harrison House Retreat” is the straw bale “composer’s cave” that Lou Harrison completed in 2002 on the edge of Joshua Tree National Park, read more. See the clip of Harrison talking about the house project and the work in progress photos inspire you to sneeze and cheer.

Lou Harrison’s house Lou Harrison's house

“He had a wide network of friends, a legendary thirst for knowledge and a just-as-legendary generous nature. “When Lou found a book that he liked, he would buy at least three copies,” said George Zelenz, an architect who lives nearby. “One for himself, one in case the first got lost and one for a friend he thought might like it.”

The list of discography here.