Ingmar Bergman – The Magic Flute

Happy Birthday! Ingmar is 87 years old today (July 14).

Ingmar Bergman

My affection for Ingmar Bergman grew after reading “The Magic Lantern” and the novel he wrote based on his mother’s troubled marriage. Through a Life Darkly, Woody Allen reviews Ingmar Bergman’s autobiography “The Magic Lantern.
I read an article somewhere that Marlon Brando underlined heavily the passages from the Magic Lantern, especially concerning Bergman’s difficult relationship with his parents. The book probably sold recently at an auction house.
In “The Best Intentions” directed by Bille August and scripted by Bergman – a story of his parents courtship and marriage ….

Ghost Dad by David Edelstein from Slate.

The Radical Intimacy of Bergman by Hamish Ford. (from Senses of Cinema).

Cries and Whispers

“In Cries and Whispers, the colors, and the images that they form, seem to be more important than the dialogue, and the entire film gives the impression of portraying a cinematic space belonging to Lacan’s pre-symbolic, pre-linguistic realm” wrote Marco Lanzagorta. (from Senses of Cinema).

Conversation avec Bergman – Olivier Assayas on Ingmar Bergman, Summmer of Monica and Harriet Anderson.

Some interesting facts –
In 1989 Bergman directed Yukio Mishima’s play Madame de Sade.

Bergman adviced Lena Olin to pursue acting instead of medicine, he directed her in films and in plays such as King Lear and Miss Julie.

Reviews of Saraband, his recent and possibly a last film from Rottontomatoes.
Last Dance, an article from villagevoice about how Liv Ullman got lured back from her retirement.

An extensive site on Bergman in Spanish, here. The introductory page shows a painting by Motherwell. Most paintings by Robert Motherwell I generally love, but not this one which he dedicated to Ingmar Bergman. Many wonderful photos to look at for non Spanish speaking readers.

It was Ingmar Bergman’s Century–we just lived in it, The Land of Lost by Mattew Wilder.

Last April he said he was depressed with his own films, here.

His new web site Face to Face will be launched in September, you
can preview the trailer on the sidebar menu of vitro-nasu.

The Magic Flute on DVD -” twenty-five years later, it remains the finest operatic film ever made” reviewed by Bright Light Film Journal.

Just received another great link via email (thanks Hal),
To think like the masters:Ingmar Bergman, with one more brave work, reminds us of how filmmakers can be seers, by Peter Rainer.