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July 19 was Herbert Marcuse’s birthday.
“Yet Herbert Marcuse was important beyond his writing, because he was a very brave man. He put body and soul on the line in demonstrations and sit-ins, stood up to threats from opposites of all stripes (even of death, from the Klan) with unfailing energy and wry humor. He was an authority utterly unafraid to stand up to dominant authority and the pernicious powers that fed it.”
Direland blog has an impressive coverage on Marcuse, here.
(The blog has a new entry on the disturbing news about the
execution of Iranian gay teenagers. Horror, horror.)

V Idea2 by Nam Jun Paik
Nam Jun Paik
Yesterday July 20 was Nam Jun Paik’s birthday. Happy Birthday.
Pike Studio Nam Jun Paik.
Everyone loves his TV Buddha.
I am the World’s Most Famous Bad Pianist, here.
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Today (July 21) is the birthday of Marshall McLuhan. (Many innovative people were born today. Hemingway and Hart Crane)
How interesting that Nam Jun Paik and McLuhan were born a day apart. Paik expressed McLuhan’s idea with verve and Korean chopsocky style.

Understanding the Media – Media is the Message

Marshall McLuhan Reconsidered by a Vispo poet/web artist Jim Andrews.
One of many early examples of web art by Jim Andrews, (Yes I am a pop up poem)
Jim Andrews is Canadian and so are McLuhan and Glenn Gould and don’t forget William Gibson.
Viva Canada.

Humming with Gould is a review of a book by Richard Cavell
McLuhan in Space: A Cultural Geography.