Passion and Heartbeat + D. H. Lawrence

Frieda Frieda and D.H. Lawrence and Lawrence

Today (Sept 11) was D. H. Lawrence’s birthday.
D.H. Lawrence is an important writer for a great many writers, ask Anais Nin who wrote her first book on Lawrence or Richard Rodriguez (Talking to the Dead: Richard Rodriguez on D.H. Lawrence, Lawrence of Arabia, and Writing as a Conversation with the Past).

“Lawrence confronts issues relating to emotional health and vitality, spontaneity, sexuality, and instinctive behaviour.” (from wikipedia).
Poetry, Regeneration, and D.H. Lawrence ( Kenneth Rexroth on DH Lawrence)
” It is never theology in the first; it is never aesthetics or any teachable craft in the second. The craft is the vision and the vision is the craft.”
“All men have to die, and one would think a sane man would want to take that fact into account, at least a little. But our whole civilization is a conspiracy to pretend that it isn’t going to happen — and this, in an age when death has become more horrible, more senseless, less at the will of the individual than ever before. Modern man is terribly afraid of sex, of pain, of evil, of death.” (Kenneth Rexroth)

DHL Shrine Lawrence_Shrine_2004 in Taos
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The Shrine of Lawrence in Taos a must visit, Georgia O’Keefe’s painting of tree is there at the tiny hut.

“Women in Love” by Ken Russell and Larry Kramer, a memorable film. (Women in Love on youtube – Alan Bates, Glenda Jackson)
Here is Larry Kramer talking about “Women in Love”.

“Sons and Lovers” Jack Cardiff with Dean Stockwell as Paul Morel.
(Dean Stockwell should come out and talk about this important film.)

“The Kangaroo” Judy Davis and her hasband in Lawrence’ novel about Australia

“The Rainbow” by Ken Russell

“The Fox” by Mark Rydall

“The Priest of Love” a Lawrence biopic, Ian Mckellen plays Lawrence.

Coming Through Helen Mirren plays Frieda and Kenneth Branagh
as Lawrence. (A clip from youtube here)