The Misfits + Portrait of a Poet-Linda Gregg

Today is Oct 17 and both Monty Clift and Arthur Miller were born on this day.

Arthur writing on the bed and Monty and Marilyn in the film set.
Monty and Marilyn
The masters of Photography all descended on the movie set of the Misfits in Nevada when John Huston was filming with Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable and Monty Clift. You can see photographs by Cartier Bresson, Bruce Davidson, Inge Morath (Arthur Miller’s last wife, mother of Rebecca Miller and a mother in law to Daniel Day Lewis).
Monty Clift was great in so many films, “The Search”, “A Place in the Sun” or “The Heiress” to name a few.
Did you know that Monty Clift played Freud directed by John Huston? Jean Paul Sartre was involved in the screenplay of this film earlier on, did not seem to receive the credit judging from this yahoo database.
Seeing Huston’s Freud
“Huston’s decision to have Sartre write the script provides me with the most fun. “Sartre was a little barrel of a man,” Huston wrote in his autobiography, and said in his Playboy interview: “He was without egotism and was probably the ugliest man I have ever laid eyes on–one eye going in one direction, and the eye itself wasn’t very beautiful, like an omelet. And this pitted face.” Huston took Sartre to his castle at St. Clerans in Galway. There, during their story conferences, Huston tried to hypnotize Sartre. He claimed to have learned to hypnotize people while working on Let There Be Light (1943), his documentary for the U. S. Army on the treatment of shell-shocked soldiers. Predictably, “It turned out to be quite impossible.”

The Portrait of a Poet
Linda GreggLinda Gregg photo by Hal Lum.


There is having by having
and having by remembering.
All of it a glory, but what is past
is the treasure. What remains.
What is worn is what has lived.
Death is too familiar, even though
it adds weight. Passion adds size
but allows too much harm.
There is a poetry that asks for
this life of silence in midday.
A branch of geranium in a glass
that might root. Poems of time
now and time then, each
containing the other carefully.

(When I featured Hal Lum’s paintings last time Arthur Miller just passed on and I posted Hal and Arthur together. Here is a note to Hal, you seem to be attached to Arthur in my blog.)