RIP Allan Kaprow

Allan Kaprow passed away. Allan Kaprow
(Man with white shirt is Allan Kaprow – from here
18 Happenings in 6 Parts – 1956)

“Yard” by Allan Kaprow<> <> <> <> <> Kaprow vs Morris

From An old interview “And one could say today perhaps almost for twenty years now, we’ve been in a neo-conservative state with back to all kinds of prototypical modernisms, now quoted, now so called post-modernist snide tickle-tickley cutesy stuff, all of it feeding a consumerist market, of course.”

Lithograph of Allan K.Allan Kaprow Title: and so it goes make so most of it

Allan Kaprow via
no longer exist not-time hands of clock-clock without numbers (title of above lithographe)

“While modern art concerns itself with surfaces in order to transform and transcend them, Kaprow is concerned with surfaces but not with transcendence; his surfaces don’t lead anywhere except back to themselves, as deepened experiences of themselves-as-themselves.” (from Dirt and Toothpaste, or, An Approach To the Problem of Being A Self in Modern Life — Notes on Allan Kaprow)