If I Had A Hammer

Hammer Stephen Colbert by Fung Lin Hall on Stephen’s head.

Wikipedia has updated Colbert’s profile.

Much of the mainstream media has seemingly ignored his presence atthe function, including the New York Times, which did not mention his presence in their write-up of the evening.

Buried by Truthiness by Amrita Rajan

Ballsalicious – Jon Stewart said of Stephen Colbert after the White house function.

“Colbert now a verb” from Blogcritics – Bloggers still discussing and thanking Colbert.

Star Gazing Haacke_StarGazingby Hans Haacke

We live in an age where religion, patriotism, success in business, and good manners have become a veil for the unspeakable. Either you remain silent or you violate the decorum. (Happy Tutor on Good Manners as the Veil of Corruption)