Kabuki, Kyogen & Kitano

Watch Kitano Tapdancing with Shamisen player. Youtube is perfect format for Takeshi Kitano, who is a master of the short skit in Kyogen tradition.
(Tap dancing at the end of Zatoichi was just spectacular. Found an insightful review of Zatoichi by Shaviro.)

Dolls trailer Humans are puppets (dolls) in this film, the reversal of Bunraku tradition. Poland gave this film a Grand Prix.

Takeshi Family Game in German.

Sumo in German (Kind of boring. Sumo skit makes a regular appearance in many Kitano films.)

Ebizo Ichikawa Ebizo in Kabuki play. (Here he is playing a guy.)

Ichikawa Ebizo, who brought attention to Kabuki, he is currently performing in England. A decade on, Ebizo is acknowledged as the most exciting kabuki actor of his generation. (via)

Ebizo played Musashi for Japanese TV.

A wonderful drawing of Musashi by a 12 years old.

Ichikawa Ebizo
Ebizo Ichikawa in Tea commercial (image source)