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Gunter Uecker – Vitro Nasu

Gunter Uecker

Gunter Uecker

Bottom image is the cover design of Gunter Uecker:Twenty Chapters

Coming up:
November 3 – November 24, 2006
National Gallery of Modern Art
Bombay, India
In co-operation with Goethe-Institut Bombay
Man’s Inhumanity: 14 Pacified Implements

Obstacles Path, —–White Tears—– Table —–Scourge Mill

Implements, Injuries, Bandages

Gunter’s two paintings,
Painterly Garden and Ash Garden,

Read about his early days. Yves Klein was his brother in law from
Oscillating Perception: Notes on the works of Gunter Uecker.

TV, 1963

This early nailed TV object places Günter Uecker, known for his usage of nails as sculptural material, among a series of artists who aggressively inverted the force of a medium they felt to be negative and destructive.


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