Bumpin’ with Gabo and Wes

Happy Birthday, Gabo! He turns 80 today. (BBC)

Gabriel Garcia Marquez (El amor en los tiempos del colera)
Gabo on youtube here
For non-Spanish speaking people one of the commenters on youtube helped translate Gabo’s words.

he says, the men have three sort of lives: the public live, the personal live and the secret live; the women are present in three of them.
En general the people think in their relationships: the comunication is the solution of all troubles,but Gavo thinks when the couples have a talk they end fighting; is better to forget and to continuo.
After he understood that, he never had discussion with any woman!!

The mysteries of Bill Clinton by Gabo from Salon

During his first campaign, Clinton had mentioned that his favorite book was “One Hundred Years of Solitude.” I said at the time — and I was quoted in print — that I thought he had said it simply to pull in the Latin vote. He had not forgotten — after greeting me on Martha’s Vineyard, he at once assured me that what he said had been quite sincere.

Gabo vs Mario Vargas Llosa – Two giants of literature, one black eye and 30 years of silence

Gabo shares a birthday with Wes Montgomery, the great Jazz innovator. Wes (John Leslie “Wes” Montgomery born 6 March 1923 in Indianapolis, Indiana; died 15 June 1968, also in Indianapolis)

William James On the Character of Artists

To artist Sarah Wyman Whitman, William James said; “Looked at from one point of view, the artist was like any other man, except for the greater rapidity of his intuitions; what he saw at once others saw more slowly.”

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William James: In the Maelstrom of American Modernism, Robert D. Richardson, 2006