State of the Onion

Seven years of patience
while the persimmon tree
incubates her fruit. Also
“deep… dark… tomb”

In his poem “The Persimmons,” Gary Snyder goes “deep in the dark of a tomb” and emerges with a persimmon ripe to the bottom… one of a group… that might have been drawn by Mu Ch’i.” Here the poem rises beyond space-time to the realm of the spirit. (source)

Bonnard OnionDigital image State of Onion by Fung-Lin Hall
Slideshow here for more digital images of Red Onion Set. (Six red onion images instead of six persimmons.)

The red onion after being photographed a number of times got chopped up eventually, joined in a crowd of tomatoes, bell pepper and couscous. This little onion led an exemplary life; giving nourishment, intellectual and aesthetic stimulation to an undeserving greedy, murderous humanoid.
(Thanks to you little red onion I finally decided to use Flickr my account of which was left unused for so many years. )

Read this wonderful interview given by Louise Bourgeois.
Life’s Lessons (via Modern Kicks)

I like portraiture, especially the works of Bacon, Bonnard, Kokoschka, Messerschmitt and Soutine.

My work is a form of psychoanalysis. It is a way of coming to grips with my anxiety and fears. It is an attempt to be a better person.

My work deals with problems that are pre-gender. For example, jealousy is not male or female. I do not believe that there is a feminist aesthetic.

I am glad when people respond to the work. But this has nothing to do with my motivation and need to work. The only thing that interests me is the piece I am working on now.