Roy Deforest – My Life As a Dog

This posting on the passing of Roy Deforest, the California artist is a few weeks late.

FredRoy Deforest painting
Roy DeForest, Fred, 1978. Varnished polymer on canvas. 30” x 30 ½”.

Painter, Roy DeForest Dies at 77 (via Stepen Vincent includes large panel work by Roy)

Roy, indeed, was a man of letters. He loved to collect and read books. He was particularly a student of the West, deeply imbued in the spirit and work of Mark Twain. I knew him as a quiet man, not given much to lengthly articulation. He talked through his work. A incredible draughtsman. Miriam Schapiro said to me once, “Roy can draw in his sleep.” In fact he probably did draw in his sleep! In the brief period that I knew him, Roy was generous to a fault. Though a kind of career and success came to him, I do not think he was ever interested in manufacturing a career in the contemporary manner. I think he was always in it for the challenge and the pleasure of the work.

Untitled (Shooting Gun and Devil)
Roy Deforest

Obit from UCDavis

Untitled (Wolf) (I like this one a lot.)

“Dog Eared Cadillac” (Cool Cadillac)
Artist: Margaret Dodd pays tribute to Roy D.

Roy Deforest Memorirs of Youngman
Memoirs of Young Man