Vanitas and Skullptures

Nicola Bolla Sculptures

Name this artist.

Choose an answer from the list below.

A) Vik Muniz) (see his Clown skull)

B) Diamond Heist

C) Nicola Bolla

Born in 1963 in Saluzzo and the son of a painter, the artist currently lives and works in Torino. A practicing opthamologist and eye surgeon, Bolla lives a kind of double life, practicing medicine by day and working in his studio after hours, creating objects of tremendous beauty and peculiar contradiction. (The description from a dated source)

Vanitas (Stampelle) the crutch and more Vanitas by Bolla from Speronwestwater site.

He creates art out of Swarovski crytals. “I make sculptures like a jeweler makes jewelry.” One of his latest works – jail door, stoole and noose made from crystals – was described as “an imaginary suicide in a jail for fashion victims”. (via)

I think Damien took inspiration from Nicola Bolla and his Skull too. (A comment from “My old friend Damien stole my skull idea)

Nicola Bolla Sculptures (image source)

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