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On this Day Digital Photo by Fung Lin Hall

Aug 6, 1945 or see Images from Mark Young

John, Richard, Robert, Andy and Howard, all were born on Aug 6.
Click on the links below to find out about them. Who is your favorite?
John married Katherine Mansfield, a great editor and a pacifist.
(Her love letter to John is here.)

Richard was the liberal at Columbia (1916)

This Silent Star with 2000 pimples was born on 1928.

Heaven Knows he is Dead Man, Robert played Philip Marlow when he was alive.

This master of colors and brushstrokes was born on 1932

And brother of Simone Weil and a great mathematician Andre Weil died on Aug 6, 1998.

Most mathematicians lead rather staid lives; Weil’s was anything but. He spent a couple of years in India in the 1930’s, and was imprisoned in Finland on suspicion of being a Russian spy during World War II.

He was a child prodigy who might have intimidated Simone Weil. Was he the reason why she became anorexic and was so hard on herself? She was extraordinary, a great thinker and a saint.
A blurry photo of Andre and Simone Weil

People used to say of Simone: “She’s Andre Weil’s sister.” But as time went by, towards the end of her life, people began saying of Andre: “He’s Simone Weil’s brother.” The impact of her posthumously published texts however soon surprised even her family.(Via)

a.. “God exists since mathematics is consistent, and the Devil exists since we cannot prove it.”
b.. “Weil’s Law of Faculties: First rate people hire other first rate
people. Second rate people hire third rate people. Third rate people hire fifth rate people.”
Andre Weil

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