Rawi Hage

Photograph by Rawi Hage
Photograph by Raw Hage (Via)

Rawi Hage was born in Beirut and lived through nine years of the Lebanese civil war. He immigrated to Canada in 1992. He is a writer, visual artist, and curator. His writing has appeared in Fuse Magazine, Mizna, Jouvert, The Toronto Review and many others, and his visual art has been shown in galleries and museums around the world.

Rawi Hage talks about his novel here, part of Giller Prize Short list videos.
De Niro’s Game or Beirut in Long Sentences

De Niro’s Game refers to the Russian roulette scenes from the movie Deer Hunter staring Robert De Niro. After the movie, Russian roulette became a popular game among young boys in Beirut with ready access to guns. (Read more here)

Photograph by Rawi Hage

Hage wants Ken Loach to direct his film.


My name is Ahmad. I arrived from Egypt on a rainy day. Only the clouds and noises of the waiting taxis met me at the airport. (Read his short story here)