Pain and Boredom

Cinderella installation (DEMAKERSVAN)

See Lace Fence at, where I learned about this Dutch Design team.

DEMAKERSVAN or Dutch Design is mostly famous for its conceptual, almost art-like status.

Thomas Lendvai
Thomas Lendvai A Series of “Nows” 2005 installation at Plus Ultra

Thomas Lendvai at Winkleman

You see, Lendvai is more than just your typical artist– he is a worker at his core with an old world ethic to match. Not driven by a need to create and self-promote like far too many of his contemporaries, Lendvai instead has had visions of lumber, table saws, and power drills pulsing through his veins since his birth. (Read more here)

See fun photos from this flickr page.
People inside Thomas Lendvai’s installation at Winkleman Gallery

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James Wagner loved it,

I doubt that any gallery installation in the city rewarded visitors with as much fun on Thursday night as that of Thomas Lendvai at Winkleman.