Lorenzo, Arvo Part and Adorno

Let us celebrate September 11 birthday boys – D. H. Lawrence, Arvo Part and Adorno.

Helen Mirren plays Frieda Lawrence

Paasion and Heartbeat (previous post on Lawrence includes a photo of Frieda and Lorenzo and the list of adaptation of his novels to cinema.)

Arvo Pärt: Silouans Song / Vienna Philharmonic Women

Touch, Sunday and Solitude with Japanese subtitles on youtube.
Arvo Pärt : 24 Preludes for a Fugue (2, 3, 4 of 29)
(documentary film (2005) films by Dorian Supin about Arvo Pärt to be released on DVD. )

Tabla Rasa-Miguel Robles/Arvo Part (Dance on Youtube)

Solo dance Spiegel im Spiegel

The Jargon of Authenticity

In his book “The Jargon of Authenticity,” Theodor Adorno discusses what he considers to be a major fallacy with all of society: the way we talk. It is his opinion and observance that we speak in such a way as to bring others down while at the same time raising ourselves up. “The jargon — objectively speaking, a system — uses disorganization as its principle of organization, the breakdown of language into words in themselves.” The jargon is a tool used by society in order to distinguish the few from the many, to distinguish “my” class from “your” class.

Adorno adorno_0

Minima Moralia (wiki)

I would like to draw attention to this great collection of reflections on a damaged life, wherein Adorno writes like a tragic poet, occasionally far away from the hassles of Marxism and Commodity Fetishism. Dedicated to his friend Max Horkheimer, the book begins with an epigram, life does not live. The book is in three parts with small chapters, the first of which is called For Marcel Proust. The book was written in America, when Adorno was in exile, when he became known as Teddy. The book has numerous anecdotes, parables and aphorisms and mostly reflections on exile, on damaged lives.Minima Moralia

Adorno’s Minima Moralia is a favorite of this poet –12 or 20 questions: with Joshua Marie Wilkinson