Just One More Thing

Once one starts collecting gif animation images online there is no stopping. Peter Falk gif is our new aquisition.

Peter Falk Peter Falk animation

BBC will air Just One More Thing: Columbo! on Tuesday. (via Greencinedaily.)

Watch on youtube – Tante Julia – scene drole n°2 or Tune in Tomorrow – Peter and Keanu dubbed in French.
(An American film “Tune in Tomorrow” was adapted from a novel by Mario Vargas Llosa called Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter.)

Mario Vargas Llosa and Peter Handke

Peter Handke google image gallery and his controversy.

Peter Falk is counterweight to Peter Handke?

Wenders had admired Peter Falk in Cassavetes’ films in the 1970’s, and it was probably from Cassavetes that he obtained Falk’s telephone number. He phoned one evening, introduced himself, told a little about the film and explained that he needed a former angel, to which Peter Falk replied after a pause: “How did you know?” When Falk asked whether a script could be sent, Wenders said that he had nothing at all in writing about this ex-angel, not even a single page. If anything, that apparently made the part even more interesting to Falk, who answered: “Ah, I’ve worked like that before with Cassavetes, and honestly I prefer working without a script.”
Falk arrived in Berlin one Friday in November and he and Wenders spent the weekend together, developing the role on the basis of taped improvisations. All of Falk’s scenes were shot the following week, and Falk returned to Los Angeles.

Peter Falk-les ailes du désir (Wings of Desire)