A Man for all Seasons – Paul Scofield

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    R.I.P Paul Scofield

    A Matter of Conscience: Henry VIII and Thomas More (Youtube)

    Richard Eyre, who directed Mr. Scofield in the play, maintained that he was “not just the best there is, but the best there has ever been.”

  • On stage, the actor Paul Scofield, who has died aged 86, was braver than a lion. Off stage this genial man kept his private life quiet as a mouse. (GreenCine daily)

    I’ve always used the running gag that “All British actors are whores” though I always qualified that with one exception: Paul Scofield. (Edward Copeland – read more here.)

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    Mr. Scofield and Vanessa Redgrave in the 1996 production of Ibsen’s “John Gabriel Borkman” at the Royal National Theater in London.
    Director Richard Eyre and actresses Vanessa Redgrave and Eileen Atkins discuss working with actor Paul Scofield on his last ever stage performance of Henrik Ibsen’s John Gabriel Borkman at the National Theatre in 1996. (see video here)

  • Scofield reportedly had been offered a knighthood but declined. In 2001, however, he was named a Companion of Honor, one of Britain’s top honors and limited to 65 living people.(Herald Tribune)

    A Delicate Balance

    This is my favorite Albee play because I am still thinking about it. It presents us with the question of how good a friend we really are. Albee challenges those of us who think we are capable of being good friends. Scofield runs away with this film. (Janet Paparelli via email)

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