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In Panama, he befriended a cult of fishermen called the Malingerers, who were trying to find a fish with gold scales. After a few months he got into an argument with the cult leader — he thought they were living a lie — and as he was leaving, a fisherman’s wife handed him a dog leash. “She said she was walking the dog. It was an invisible dog.”
In New York recently he offered further details. After he moved to Nashville, “I mounted this leash on the wall and I heard it bark,” he said. “I swear to you. Something at that moment just felt right. I know it sounds weird.”
It may be useful at this point to note that Mr. Korine’s mythomania has always been central to his art. “I don’t know if that story’s true,” Mr. Blaine said. But, he added cryptically, “The real story about Harmony and his life is more mind blowing than any story he could ever make up.

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