Kafka Imagining

Kafka as a young child kafkachild

October 18, 1921. Eternal Child. Life calls again.

April 11 1922. Eternal youth is impossible : even if there were no other obstacle, instrospection would make it impossible. (from Diaries 1914- 1923)

July 3 (today) was Franz Kafka’s birthday. (July 3, 1883, 7 am in Prague – a Cancer with moon in Gemini.)

See another photo of Kafka at 13 Bar mitzvah

Anthony Perkins in the Trial (1962) directed by Orson Wells (Villagevoice review,here)

Architect Steven Holl has completed the interior of the Franz Kafka Society in Prague, Czech Republic.

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  • When Edward Albee’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? opened in Prague in 1964, its title was changed to Who’s Afraid of Franz Kafka?

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