Are Women Magical?

Found this great photo from Democratic Underground commenter.
Is Hillary blowing a kiss? Did she learn this from Marilyn?

“Now, if you’ll indulge me one last time…” (Read our Hillary Clinton’s Thinly Veiled Loathing for Obama speech-o-tron, from Newsgrist)

Maya maya
Barack’s sister has the voice and the same confidence her brother displays. (Maya Soetoro-Ng at the Convention)

Gorgeous Maya and Michelle bring fresh air to the tense and chaotic Democratic Convention in Denver.

Networks Sleep While Democracy Burns by Timothy Karr.

The late George Carlin, all he wanted was to wake up a hamster, Dennis Kucinich wants to Wake up America. (Youtube presentation – the Media never covers Kucinich).
See Dennis Kucinich and his wife minipops(repeat)

Denver Diary by Amitava Kumer who is writing for India Express.

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