Polar Bears and a Cowboy

Yesterday I took this photo – a storyteller cowboy riding backward.

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Not long ago in a park I spotted a duck with a strange haircut.

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Does Alaska need saving along with Polar bears?

The questions Obama has been thinking about all his life are the very ones that dominate the world today. And the mounting economic crisis only makes the construction of a wider identity – and conversing across the waters – more urgent, not less so. I happened to be in Alaska the week Sarah Palin was introduced to the world, and around me I saw the America I had grown up on: full of open space and possibility, blessed with great oil reserves and immigrants from everywhere, scenically gorgeous – but tied to the go-it-alone spirit of a “last frontier.”

It’s more than possible to make your fortune in Alaska – but I’d much rather find the future in Hawaii. (My Chance Encounter with Obama in Hawaii – Pico Iyer)