Memory – Souvenir

Happy Birthday to Fung Ching! She shares a birthday with Magritte.

it’s 110 years since Magritte was born. – Google tells me by Mark Young

It’s also 110 years plus a few months since my father was born. He used to wear hats—they were de rigeur for his times. I have a memory of seeing a photo of him in a bowler. I could be wrong. It might just be wishful thinking, an attempt to find a point of commonality.

Magritte and My father (Read the Liberator – from Series Magritte #35)

  • magritte2
    Memroy – Souvenir by Mark Young from Series Magritte.

  • Souvenir from Jurgen Trautwein complete

    See also his memory paintings – 5 am rising.

  • Magritte Owl in the Desert rengamagritte1 Renga Magritte – Collaborative installation by Jtwine and Fung Lin Hall More yard installation with mountains in the background here.
    More “Renga a Renga” a brick installation by Jtwine coming soon.