Year of the Ox

Jan 26 2009 starts the year of the Ox

Lao Tse on an ox laozi-on-an-ox (via)

Obama is a solid Leo/Ox as was Napoleon Bonaparte. (pretty scary thought) Ox leaders include M. Thatcher, Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein. Maybe the Chinese should choose a new animal.
J.S.Bach, Vincent Van Gogh and Charlie Chaplin were Aries Ox. (more famous Ox people here.)

Johanne Sebastian Bach was a majestic Ox

The Tramp was a melancholy Ox

The Ox directed by Sven Nykvist 1991

Here is a terribly depressing movie to go with the current troubled times.

Google Ox

And finally visit two Art and culture Ox blogs – Unmuzzled Ox (By an editor of magazine Unmuzzled Ox) and La Vache qui lit (Mme Levy an expat living in France)

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