The Masters Players

The Highway Code Part I by Master Singers

One more video from the Master Singers who recorded in 1966 a Weather Forecast as an Anglican chant. (Youtube)

I dedicate the above videos to Roger Federer.

A sad day for Federer lovers. Two missed opportunities for Federer, Winbledon 2008 and Australia Open 2009.
He did not serve well, he could not convert the break points many times.
Both Nadal and Federer played incredible tennis on the whole.
Nadal is the reason why Federer has not caught up with Peter Sampras record of winning 14 slams and Federer is the reason why Nadal may not catch up with Sampras record in the future, even though he is training to extend his body to last for more wins in grand slams.
The two bring the level of excellence we have never witnessed previously. They are the true great champions, more gracious, more incredible than Pete Sampras.

Highlights 2 – final match menĀ“s single | Australian Open 2009

Nadal and Verdasco rally
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