Allora & Calzadilla Part II + Vlatka Horvat

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Humor and Beauty – Blog Art 21

How can humor be used to say something serious? – Joe Fusaro

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Berlin September 2007, Vlatka spends a day rearranging the furniture in a large ornamental pond.
VH-284 (via)

I like that, looks cool. the building just besides the pond looks even cooler. Die “schwangere Auster” an amazing piece of architecture. (Jtwine – via email)

See also Vlatka Horvat’s “Birds Shelf” at The Kitchen

In her first solo exhibition in the United States, Horvat creates an uncanny environment of projected images, modified found objects, and architectural propositions in which the body and the space it occupies are presented as sites of delusion, collapse, and fragmentation while still offering an alternative model for reinvention, resistance, and play. (via)