Irving Weiss & Sens-Plastique by Malcolm de Chazal

And since you cover so much little known artlit territory, you should know I have just published my complete translation from the French of Malcolm de Chazal, Sens-Plastique, (Green Integer 2008), foreword by WH Auden. Andre Breton claimed Chazal as surrealist and Braque told him his aphorisms were really images and he should paint (which he took up on).

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  • “The crown of petals is the flower’s panties. Rip them off and you will have public indecency. They were the pre-adamic fig leaf of nature before the first Eve wore that leaf as her own crown of petals.” (p. 117)
  • Chazal’s aphorisms are considered by literary critics to express the most remarkable correspondence between words and things, between language and nature, ever attempted. Chazal’s paintings celebrate the magical island spendor of Mauritian sunlight, flora, fauna that inspired his observations.

    Malcolm de Chazal was discovered by Surrealists but had nothing to do with Surrealism, according to James Geary.
    How can aphorisms change your life? (Video of James Geary on the Aphorisms of Malcolm de Chazal via
    Hight light from the video reading,

  • Death is the bowel movment of the soul evacuating the body by intense pressure on the spiritual anus – Malcolm de Chazal
  • (Malcolm is Charlie Kaufman of nature, more positive, embracing and wise.)

    Achilles and Tortoise “E” (Otolith)

    Irving Weiss is still putting the ox back into the aleph in word for/word, the lyre, hot metal, and other sources of vispo shaking and making. His 2-vol. translation of Chazal’s Sens-Plastique (5 years on Amazon) was supposedly due out March 10.

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