Jean Cocteau Part II

Jean Cocteau jean-cocteau-irving-penn-1950 by Irving Penn

  • Two more great clips from youtube.
    We are all going to die, I am off

    Le Testament d’Orphée (1959)

  • <> <> <> <> Raymond Radiguet by Jean Cocteau

    Max Jacob introduced Radiguet to Jean Cocteau.

    Do not accuse fate. Do not speak of injustice. He belonged to the solemn race of men whose lives unfold too quickly to their close. (Jean Cocteau, more here)

    He was hard and of a brutal force, alternately passionate and indifferent, as Cocteau said, it needed “a diamond to scratch his heart.” (via)

    Smoking a cigarette “At the Age of Fifteen”, another drawing by Jean Cocteau from Flickr.