Watts and Lilly

Light bulb and Lemon by Josef Beuys

Josef Beuys at Mary Boone We are the Revolution – Jan 9 – Feb 6

Laurie Anderson

Birthday of John C Lilly January 6, 1915 and Allan Watts January 6, 1915.
They were both Capricorn with moon in Virgo. (scroll down)

John Lilly birth chart (Capricorn rising)

Alan Watts birth chart (Sagittarius rising)

Interview with John Lilly

Let me say how I got to work with dolphins first. I was floating in the tank for a year and wondering, who floats around twenty-four hours a day’? I went to Pete Shoreliner and he says, “Dolphins. They’re available. Go down to the Marine Studios in Florida.” So I did, and I immediately fell in love with them.

Lisa Lyons lyon5 was adopted by John Lilly (I thought she was his girlfriend.)

Through the center of Mandala (New agish John Lilly on youtube)

Youtube loves Allan Watts (many clips out there)

  • Taoism: Wisdom of the ridiculous

  • Music and Life

  • Alan Watts died an alcoholic (revealed and reconsidered)

    Alan Watts was a flat-out genius of a philosophical entertainer, and this video segment, along with the other segments comprising the entire video, are more impressive and inspiring to me than all of the words I’ve ever heard uttered by Ken Wilber, Thich Nhat Hanh, Krishnamurti and all of the other spiritual sages I’ve ever heard in person or on “record” put together, with all due and genuine respect to these remarkable persons in their own right.