R.I.P Eric Rohmer

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  • Eric Rohmer: philosopher, rhetorician, and an ally of the young

    Rohmer came from the New Wave tradition of critic-turned-director; he was a former editor of Cahiers du Cinéma, and became the distinctively romantic philosopher of the New Wave and the great master of what was sometimes called “intimist” cinema: delicate, un-showy movie-making about not especially startling people, people often in their 20s, whose lives are dramatised at a kind of walking, talking pace.

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  • Marquis d’O – directed by Eric Rohmer
    (Marquis d”O was based on the novel by Heinrich von Kleist)

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    But the man born Jean-Marie Maurice Scherer, whose pseudonym took the first name of director Eric von Stroheim and the last of “Fu Manchu” creator Sax Rohmer, knew what he wanted. Natural light. A sense of humor, but a sidewinding one. (Via)

    “This sense of the unknowable emphasizes Rohmer’s understanding of the world as profoundly complicated. People are called upon to make choices whose consequences they cannot know. They have to deal not only with their own desires but also those of others. Desire is never simple. It is mixed with fear—often the fear of making the wrong choice.” (Previous post see M. Duras archive)

    Interview Eric Rohmer discusses with Barbet Schroeder the unique philosophical sensibility he brought to world cinema. (youtube)

    Horsesthink mentioned Nestor Almendros collaboration with Rohmer. (A Man with a Camera is a great book and Nestor’s collaboration with Rohmer were treated with respect and love. He mentioned how they both loved simplicity and austerity in design).

    (Full Moon in Paris)
    Dying young Pascale Ogier, Full Moon Ghost Story

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