Leon Golub


  • His birthday was two days ago. (January 23, 1922 – August 8, 2004) )

  • Remembering Leo (Brooklyn Rail)

    Donald Kuspit was right to call Golub an existential/activist painter. Golub’s work enacts a real challenge to painting itself. He threw down the gauntlet right at the beginning, and waged a furious, muscular struggle with it the rest of his life. His art is agnostic and agonistic. It exists in the heat of battle, where everything is at risk. This lead, paradoxically, to constant renewal, so that Golub’s work was never done. And this is why, though he lived a long and productive life, to all of us who knew him, he died, Goddamnit, too soon. (David Levi-Strauss)

    Leon and Nancy Spero, were a great art/activist duo. (Previous post)

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