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Congratulations to Jurgen Trautwein!


Javamueum 2010

web guru since 1996, world wide participation in shows and festivals
JavaMuseum participant since 2001

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ZIPS_SOUNDS are interactive noise- color- screens.
ZIP_SOUNS is a minimal visual/acoustic game, that allows to create patterns and add or subtract sound-loops, covering a spectrum from possible silence to noise overloads.
depending on the clicking enthusiasm of the visitor ZIP_SOUNDS could become celebrations of barnett newmans zips and colorfield painting in general.

Niesatt is a neologism consisting of two german words nie and satt. meaning never full, never enough, never satisfied. if one reads it backwards and substitutes the double t with a D it reads Dasein, which means being!
Jurgen Trautwein

I like America, America likes me. J.Beuys multi-screen screaming.

Image sentences from 36 – 50 ( jtwinenow blog).

Photos from Tenderloin district (Jurgen’s neighborhood.)
A sawing artist talking about Tenderloin on youtube.