Fallen Angel – Go Figure

Dance pair moved from Europian – Russian dominance to North America in 2010.

This is from old clip. Flamenco was part of original dance number which Virtue & Moir won.
Elvis on pair dance – he connected emotionally with the American pair…

No scoring controversy: Canada deserved gold

At Canadian Notional 2010 (the same number they skated to gold at the Olympics. Tessa had a white dress)
Their fun gala performance Hockey playe rmeets ballerina

Davis & White Indian number for Original dance (youtube) (USA championship)

Davis & White Free skate 2010. US Championship on youtube (They were much more spectacular and powerful at the Olympics).

Pair Skating Pang and Tong skated flawlessly won Silver but they were the real winners that night they moved the audience to huge standing ovation. (Wait for the commercial – a video from NBC here)

Grieving Rochette skates to Bronz, the world united with her in tears.

Watch Johnny Weir Olympic freeskate here. direct link.
Johnny Weir placed 6th even though he received the standing ovation and skated more beautifully than anyone in the competition. (NBC coverage of freeksate with commercial here)

New scoring system

“The individuality has been lost for figure skating. Very few people can make it work. … It’s turned everyone into robots doing the same jumps and the same spins.”
I know what you’re saying: Well, that’s just Johnny being Johnny. But Stojko was an “athletic” skater compared with Weir’s “artistic” style, yet he has the same complaint.
“Before, you could really put the personality into your routine,” Stojko says. “Now, so much of your time is spent getting up the points that it ties the hands of the skaters. There are too many requirements.

Look what they can deliver, so refreshing. We need to rescue talented figure skaters from these judges.

Happiness is warm gun Yu na bond girl

The former world champion Buttle on twitter (His 2008 World skating here)

  • I hate being entertained by well choreographed, musical programs! More tacky posing to catch breath for the next jump is what skating needs.
    Now I’m going to go watch a real sport where they really push the envelope: under water basket weaving.
  • Men’s Long. Abbott has one of the most beautiful programs in the event.
  • Unfortunately, Jeremy Abott who is now US champion melted at the Olympics.. He did not have enough experience in the international competition.
    Here in this clip performed flawlessly.