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Happy birthday Claire Denis
Finally saw 35 Rums last night.
Claire on Yasujiro Ozu

Partial list of films dedicated to Ozu
Hou Hsiao Hsien Cafe Lumiere – Dorris Dorie, Cherry Blossoms, Wayne Wang – Dim Sum and a documenatary by Wim Wenders Tokyo Ga

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The Auteurs

In an Ozu film, you are instantly invited into a story, and you are also invited into the past of the character. They have a past. It’s not just a movie with a beginning and and= end. It has already begun and it’s going on, as life is going on. So everything, like weddings, funerals. ..

And now people are so anxious about working or not working. And now I understand more about Ozu he was really a visionary about the importance of work in our modern world. Maybe the family he describes is more traditional, but you gain an appreciation of it because it’s the only solid thing facing the fragility of existing as an employee.

Darren Hughes – Best of 2009 film list
Darren chose “Beau Travail” the Best film of the decade.
Darren Hughes interivewed Claire Denis (Senses of Cinema)
Claire on writers.

Yes, but I don’t like Nadine Gordimer. I’ve met her a few times and our chemistry … We didn’t experience Africa the same way.
The only person I can feel so much is Doris Lessing. Nadine Gordimer is too dictatorial and she has no heart. I prefer [J. M.] Coetzee.

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