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The Canal Canal_FINAL Lee Rourke

It is published in the UK on 15th July 2010 and in the US 15th June 2010 by Melville House.

Readysteady review of Everyday

Lee Rourke is the author of Everyday, a collection of short stories published by Social Disease. He is also Reviews Editor for 3AM Magazine and edits (with the help of the inimitable Matthew Coleman) his own literary litzine Scarecrow.


Since 2004, as editor of the on-line literary site Scarecrow, Lee Rourke has made it his business to “bang the drum for the unheard, the unconventional, the eccentric, the revolutionary and the radical”, turning his back on “the mainstream bookish blatherskites” and championing “misunderstood, ignored and abandoned underground and independent literary fiction and culture.” There’s something to be said for sticking to your guns:

I have been reading a lot of Heidegger (boredom/mood), Ballard (technology/violence), Beckett (ennui/repetition), Pessoa (emptiness/the ordinary) recently and, in particular, an amazing book called Montano’s Malady by Enrique Vila-Matas (literary suffocation). The Canal could not have been written without the guidance of the above. It’s hard not to be influenced by such writing.

Roubard interviewed at Sponge

  • knifeslicing-01-medknifeslicing-02-hi
    Knife Slicing the wall by Claes Oldenburg and his proposed drawing.

    Carlson & Company

    The company, based in San Fernando, California, was founded in 1971. It became one of the best-known resources for artists seeking to produce complicated, large-scale and frequently costly artworks.
    “Many artists trying to make work that involves high-tech and precise execution would go to Carlson and they could often figure things out that no one else could,” said New York art adviser Allan Schwartzman.
    The firm fabricated some of the most technically challenging artworks created during the six-year rise of contemporary art prices which began in 2002.

    Koon’s fabricator Carlson Shuts at recession hits Big Art

    Besides Koons, Carlson was the producer of choice for dozens of top contemporary artists, including Doug Aiken, John McCracken and Charles Ray.

    See artworks and the list of artists here.

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