Kazuo Ohno R.I.P

(photograph by Eiko Hosoe)

A tribute to Ohno

Ohno at 95 years (Adagio Samuel Barber)
Ohno kazuo_ohno October 27, 1906 – June 1, 2010

Kazuo kazuoOhno Ohno

NYtimes Obit Kazuo Ohno a Founder of Japanese Butoh, Dies at 103

Kazuo Ohno, a founder of Butoh, the influential Japanese dance-theater form whose traditional look of darkness and decay evoked for many the horrors of the wartime bombings of Japan, died on Tuesday in Yokohama, Japan. He was 103 and had continued to perform beyond his 100th year.

Obit from Times online (Ohno’s first performance was at an advanced age of 47 years)

A short clip of Ohno dancing while sitting on his chair

Kazuo Ohno Studio

On the verge of death one revisits the joyful moments of a lifetime. One’s eyes are opened wide-gazing into the palm, seeing death, life, joy and sorrow with a sense of tranquillity.”

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