Alexander Trocchi, Young Adam +The Adjuster

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Alexander Trocchi (30 July 1925 – 15 April 1984) was a Scottish novelist.

Mean Street (guardian) 2003

Alexander Trocchi was the smack-addled icon of beat literature, whose writings have been eclipsed by a lurid life of porn, pimping and dissolution in New York, Paris and London. By Tim Cumming

The making of Young Adam
(Behind the scene clip narrated by great actors from this film)

Young Adam

Tilda’s interview on Nerve about a character in Young Adam

I have this very strange relationship with my work, which is that it’s like a
conversation between me and it. It just develops and develops, and I’m
very nicely served by the universe: just as I’m ready to take the conversation
further with myself, some other individual pops up, like David McKenzie did,
with this idea of making this film, and provides exactly the leap to the next

Tilda Swinton (previous post – great photos and 3 film clips)

The junkie genius of Alexander (guardian)

The plotless beauty of his writing, and its fearless look at the emptiness of his own life, put ‘the Scottish Beat’ on a par with Kafka and Camus.

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    Maury Chaykin, Character Actor, Dies at 61 on his birthday.

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