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  • Sisters Brothers – Jacques Audiard, Joaquin Phoenix, John C Reilley

    Joaquin Phoenix: ‘Jacques Audiard is unique, even among French directors’

    Interview from Filmmaker

    It follows a young prisoner named Malik (a terrific Tahar Rahim), who enters jail as little more than a homeless petty thief, but after being taken under the wing of a ruthless Corisican gangster (Neils Aerup), slowly builds an empire of his own. While drawing comparisons to classics of the genre such as Goodfellas, it is an expertly observed, deeply humane piece of crime cinema than has few antecedents.

    A Prophet un_prophete_jacques_audiard_11B

    Sundance review

    The best part, other than the fact that character is almost always revealed through either subtle performance or behavior, never though explicit dialogue (Malik barely says anything through the whole movie), is the fact that the film engages with a sort of unique brand of fantasy. These sequences, sometimes referencing the future-seeing skill of the film’s title, never stray from the established camerawork, integrating seamlessly. They sneak up on you – but then hit hard with their simple beauty. It’s a path to Malik’s interior life that complements his nuanced, quiet performance.

    For your consideration an anti-Scarface (Carpetbagger blogs Nytimes)

    The story of a Frenchman of Arab descent, played by Tahar Rahim (“a stealth presence”) who gets a rogue’s education in prison, it was described by the director, Jacques Audiard, as “an anti-Scarface.”

  • I have seen “Read My Lips” and was captivated by “The Beat My Heart Skipped”.

    The Beat My Heart Skipped (trailer) audiardroman

    Stylish and visceral, this able remake is infused with realism, grit, and a taut performance by star Romain Duris