Palm Dude & Pool Bunny

Palm Dudeguypalm
hired to trim the leaves. These are parents of my two palm trees growing nicely in my yard – free gift from nature.

20 best art films by Masters Degree (masters degree?). How many of them have you seen?

1) Modigliani film (Montparnasse 19) by Jacques Becker is missing from the list.
2) Savage Messiah is missing.
3) Rikyu by Teshigahara is also missing.
4) Caravaggio by Derek Jarman is missing.
5) Henri Rousseau by Ken Russell is missing.
6) Henry Darger – In the Realm of Unreal by Jessica Yu is missing.
(Jessica is married to Mark Salzman)

(Pool Bunny by Fung Lin Hall)

At least How to Draw a Bunny showed up in this list of 20 best films.

Update: Happy birthday Robert Crumb (Aug 30 1943) .. now a film about his life should be in the list.
Seraphine won numerous awards and Camille Claudel is missing too.
Thanks Herman Costa for the tip.