Money, Mario and Liu Xiaobo

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  • Money, the impoverished visuals


  • Mario Mario Vargas Llosa and Peter Handke and Peter Handke. (Recycled image from Just One More Thing)
    Mario won a Nobel prize this year.

    Tune in Tomorrow is based on Mario’s Aunt Julia and Scriptwriter. (Part I here if you want to see the film on youtube).

    William Boyd on Mario’s Nobel prize: Mario Vargas Llosa: an unclassifiable Nobel winner

    Mario from Peruvian Frecuencia Latina

    Literary feud of 30 years.

    Rodrigo Moya, a close friend of García Marquez, took the black-and-white pictures in 1976 but has kept them secret until this week.

    The long feud between the two literary heavyweights has also been one of the most colourful. The two men had been close friends – so much so that Mr García Márquez is godfather to Mr Vargas Llosa’s second son, Gabriel.

  • Awarding the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize to jailed activist Liu Xiaobo was an honor to be shared by all Chinese dissidents, this year’s Nobel literature laureate Mario Vargas Llosa said Friday.
    “I believe that this is a tribute to all Chinese dissidents and all Chinese who want, not just economic, but also political growth and progress in China,” Vargas Llosa told Peruvian television Frecuencia Latina from New York.

    Liu XiaoboLiu-Xiaobo-006
    (Photo by his wife before his arrest)

    Nobel peace prize: the contender who shares a cell with five people
    Wife of Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo reveals details of his life in prison, where he has been held since December 2008