Hunger + Murderous Bankers

Finally saw this great film. Very intense and moving.

Steve McQueen talks about his film on youtube. (Steve McQueen at Marian Goodman Gallery)

See Alice Neel and Edward Hopper at A Depression Gallery.

The photos above were taken in front of my bank. My husband and I were told by our bank that we’re dead and we must
come to prove that we are still alive.

Arizona and Nevada sue Bank of America

Inside Mortgage Monster (Truthout)

An Irishman abroad tells it like it is !!

Bank of america Cuts Off Wikileaks

High Cost of Credit Sends a Growing Number of Britons into Poverty

Criminal Bankers and Global Fraud

What good is wall street? (Newyorker)

All gone to look for America

  • American Psycho

  • History of violence in Arizona or burning cars and fence.

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