(Y)ear of the Rabbit

The Rabbit knows how to relax.

Mona Lisa monalisa-Ray+Johnson

Pool Bunny 1Poolbunny Fung Lin Hall

Rabbit Moon by Kenneth Anger who was also a Rabbit (February 3, 1927)

The Rabbit Author – John Updike here.

Rabbit koreanrabbit from Korea – Choi Book(1712~1786?)
(Thanks to Heejae Lee)

The Rabbit is the symbol of longevity.
Their fundamental nature and strength is drawn from the moon. The Chinese believe a person born in this year is very fortunate! Soft spoken rabbits find happiness and contentment. Rabbits are gracious with excellent manners. There is no great inner struggle in their heart. They believe in their own judgment and ability to survive.
Rabbits need trust and tenderness in a relationship. Like the rabbit they hop over obstacles, and always land on their feet! year.
The rabbit’s soft, vulnerable looking exterior is protected by an armor of cautiousness. Hares are very lucky in business and combined with their excellent bargaining wisdom will go far. They find it hard to work under pressure. Hares are the peace makers and good scholars. They may look easy going, but they are actually quite cunning! Being a strong willed person, they go quietly, yet determinedly towards their goals. Rabbits are considerate, understanding, warm, friendly, and easy to be with. They know how to relax!

Most famous Hollywood couple Jolie-Pitt is missing from this list and Henry Miller is missing too..see famous Rabbit people and a collection of rabbit stamp from all over the world. Year of the Rabbit (Hopper home)

Johnny Depp, Germaine Greer, Neil Sedaka, Francis Ford Coppola, Michael Jordan and Drew Barrymore. Harry Belafonte, Ingrid Bergman, Lewis Carroll, John Cleese, Peter Falk, Peter Fonda, James Fox, David Frost,Cary Grant, , Bob Hope, Whitney Houston, John Hurt, Michael Keaton, John Keats, Julian Lennon, Arthur Miller, Roger Moore, Tatum O’Neal, George Orwell, Neil Simon, Jane Seymour, Dusty Springfield, Sting, Orson Welles

In Vietnam it’s a Purr-fect Cat