Lunch with a Lonely Hunter – Carson McCullers

Carson and George Davis by Cartier Bresson <><> Carson by Richard Avedon

A biography Carson of a most fascinating author.

Carson McCullers February 19, 1917

“Mrs McCullers and perhaps Mr. Faulkner are the only writers since the death of D. H. Lawrence with an original poetic sensibility. I prefer Mrs McCullers to Mr. Faulkner because she writes more clearly; I prefer her to D. H. Lawrence because she has no message.” – Graham Greene
“Carson’s major theme; the huge importance and nearly insoluble problems of human love.” – Tennessee Williams.

Lunch BE031908 hosted by Carson

(Lunch with Carson)

Karen Blixen and Marilyn (including the link to the menu)

Carson kissing Marilyn here.

  • Watch Marlon Brando talking to himself in the mirro.. hilarious
    A Reflection in a Golden Eye was directed by John Huston. Carson and Huston remained close friends.

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    Carson and Reeves

    McCullers is reluctant to reveal her feelings or her reasons for returning to marry Reeves a second time in 1945. The inclusion of the war letters between Carson and Reeves – an inclusion that Carson herself dictated in the original manuscript of her autobiography – betrays this reticence, and instead shows a tender, strongly felt bond between the two.

    Unfinished autobiography by Carson (Letter: Carson McCullers to Reeve McCullers, late December 1944.)

    Simon Callow directed the Ballad of Sad Cafe (Vanessa Redgrave and Keith Carrdine boxing here) <> <> <> The Ballad of Sad Cafe (Sesame Street)

    Alan Arkin was nominated for an Oscar – The Heart is Lonley Hunter.