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Through the remembrances of his wartime friends and through my own journeys to Vietnam in 2007 and 2008, I retraced Gary’s “footsteps” using his letters and photographs as guides. I continue to make discoveries about wartime in Vietnam as experienced by its veterans. The visual record of those experiences continues to unfold.”

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  • Female Drug Addiction Karima in Afganistan
    Raphaela Persson

    Boxing Girls in Kabul
    Raphaela Persson

  • Allora alloracal Calzadilla (NYtimes)

    The Caribbean-based artist collaborative Allora and Calzadilla will represent USA at this year’s Venice Biennale. For the American Pavilion they are preparing a an exhibition consisting of 6 new projects, titled “Gloria”, which will involve performances by professional gymnasts, custom-made pipe organ with a fully functioning A.T.M. and a 52-ton military tank turned upside down and topped with a treadmill and an Olympic runner (via Happyfamousartists)

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